Worship at Rehoboth Congregational


We would love to have you join us for worship on Sunday mornings! We worship every Sunday at 10AM. We follow a fairly traditional worship structure with some new and modern elements.

If you have children, they will join you in the sanctuary for the first part of worship and then will be dismissed to Church School (age 3 – 8th grade) and Sunday School (9th-12th grade) after the Children’s Sermon.

If you have a Nursery-Aged child (infant – age 3), Miss Jenn will welcome them in the nursery at any point throughout the service! Some parents prefer to keep their kids in worship and send them to the nursery after the Children’s Sermon, some parents drop them off at the beginning of worship, some parents keep their babies in worship with them. We encourage you to do whatever works best for you and your family!

Worship typically begins with a prelude (either the choir will sing or our Music Director, Nathan, plays a solo). After the music is over, we will stand together for the Call to Worship, which is a call-and-response prayer that the congregation participates in (it will be printed in the bulletin!) and a hymn. At the conclusion of the hymn, we will sit down for a time of prayer and confession and then after singing the Gloria Patri (which is printed in the bulletin for those not familiar with it!) we remain standing for the Passing of the Peace (this is one of everyone’s favorite parts of worship!). At this point, Rev. Sarah will either call the children up for a Children’s Sermon or introduce communion, a baptism or some sort of blessing. Communion is shared on the first Sunday of every month. Afterwards, the children and youth are dismissed to their Church School and Sunday School classes. At that point, the worship leader will read the scripture and Rev. Sarah gives her sermon, which typically lasts 10-15 minutes. The choir will sing following the sermon and then we have a time for community prayer, which concludes with us all saying the Lord’s Prayer together. Our worship ends with a time of offering and then a closing hymn, after which we all hold hands for the Benediction.

After worship all are invited to gather in Fellowship Hall for a time of refreshments and fellowship!

We know it can be overwhelming to worship at a new church for the first time, so we encourage first-time guests to find a Deacon after worship (they identify themselves at the beginning of the service!) and they will help you find Fellowship Hall and answer any questions you may have about the church.

We cannot wait to see you in worship!